That Vegan Girl

i just translated my first cicero paragraph.

i needed to tell the internet but there was no way to make it sounds funny and therefore acceptable on facebook. so here ya go tumblr.

Im off to europe on tuesday eep eep eeeep
im going to try and blog about it on my blog lmao

the past month has been horrible, family deaths, accidents, etc
when life gets hard, it really makes you realize who your friends are, and who is just around when its convenient

im not looking for a job though (my job is the bestest!)

i’m applying for scholarshipsss eeeep

im updating my resume and my friends, it is fanccccyyyy

i would hire me

my mommy bought me an ipod touch today just cause. shes the bestest

so I just found out an hour or so ago that my aunt had a freak accident (literally they had police officers investigate her apartment) and is in the hospital in a medically induced coma until friday.
what is with this month?! :(

On a brighter, hilarious note-the police officers who were investigating took the time to walk her dogs. only the dutch.